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Aet is a young company, dynamic and original, that in few years stood as worldwide leader of the sanitary product, coloured and decored. With a range of over 50 different solutions of personalization of the product, AeT Italia continues to express the main elements that let the small familiar company to became a reference point both for design of washbasins and sanitary in ceramic, both for the innovative products and solutions. The brand “Aet” is synonym of quality, design and innovation. In few years the company has been able to get its own Know-how in the ceramic sector and became a reality present reality in most part of the world.

Continuous renovation and development process lead to get positive consents from the market and reinforce a guide line that always defines the business core of the company: high quality, new lines and maximum flexibility to differentiate with a product of high-end that cannot be standardised. In reverse trend with the current outsourcing the company is 100% Made in Italy, in fact Made in AeT Italia because each passage of production is done internally, in the main head office located in Nove (VI) or in the next connected laboratory. Not the only production but also the design, research and development of new solutions and products are the result of the own team, that every year has been able to surprise for the original and functional proposals. ... More ... less

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