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Duna is balance between soft and linear shapes.‎ From the joint to the curve, we have curated each detail to create an ethereal play of solids and voids.‎
From the 2023 collection of contemporary furniture, Duna is the perfect balance between soft and linear shapes.‎ Its design is the result of a careful formal study with the purpose to create an ethereal play of solids and voids.‎ From the joint to the curve, we paid attention to every detail to deliver comfort and visual appeal.‎
The chair represents the convergence of our artisan know-how and Cono Studio’s perspective.‎ A new interpretation of Made in Italy excellence, with a strong connection to the naturalness of the raw material.‎

Frame: The solid Ash frame highlights the fine workmanship of solid wood.‎
Upholstery: Customizable in premium fabric or leather, in different color variations and Made in Italy.‎ To view color variants, download the upholstery sheet in the download section.‎
Material: White Ash solid wood
Finishing: Natural, acrylic finish Brown, acrylic finish Black, acrylic finish
Variants: With or without upholstery
Maintenance: For cleaning, we recommend a soft cloth moistened with water.‎ Avoid aggressive alcohol-based detergents.‎

Dale is constantly looking for new perspective and inspirations.‎ In collaboration with the designers from Cono Studio, we have produced a collection of contemporary furniture in solid white ash wood.‎ A new language for Dale Italia, with an essential and current aesthetic, capable to create warm, intimate and welcoming ambientes that feel like home.‎ Discover the new range of white ash solid wood furniture with a contemporary design.‎ Essential lines, contrasts and rhythms create stylish and exclusive elements.‎ Monolithic and geometrical shapes create balances between solids and voids.‎ In an warm, oneiric vision of space, rhythms of surfaces and shadows enhance each detail.‎ A set complete of chair, table, coffee table, sideboard, and mirror, where space and matter become balance and shadow enhances each detail.‎

Introducing Ash Wood

For the first time, Dale Italia introduce a new variety of solid wood.‎ White ash, available in the finishes: black, brown, and natural.‎ Essential yet impactful.‎ Contemporary yet warm.‎ A semi-hard, light and durable wood, which adds brightness to the interior with an ultra-modern touch.‎
Embracing a new language
Dale Italia’s new collection embraces a contemporary language that expresses our values of quality craftsmanship and Made in Italy excellence.‎ The solid ash wood furniture stands out for its monolithic, essential and geometric shapes.‎ Whilst the rhythm of the surfaces creates a seductive play of shadows.‎ Ours is an oneiric vision of space, to create an intimate, natural and warm ambient that feels like home.‎
Dialoguing with Cono Studio
The collection comes from the synergic dialogue between Dale Italia and the designer studio Cono Studio.‎ Another first for us, purposed to involve our clients in an exclusive experience of contemporary furniture.‎ As a result, each element expresses its own unique identity, but always in armory with the full collection.‎

معلومات إضافية من المصنع بخصوص DUNA Dale Italia
اقرأ المزيد
W. 57 x D. 55 x H. 74 cm
Seat height 44 cm
Weight 8 Kg
Bim and Cad
Materials & Textures
تنزيل BIM/CAD

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