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Viva by Emilgroup STATALE 9 VAPORE

Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles

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Indoor/outdoor porcelain stoneware wall/floor tiles


Porcelain stoneware

The combination of two extremely different materials has created a collection of design tiles that combines concrete, a man-made substance and the construction medium of modern urbanisation, and wood, the product of nature and basic component of buildings in every historical age.
Statale 9 is based on concrete in 3 finishes that interpret different surfaces, transforming the raw material into design tiles.
Wet offers a replica of concrete on which rain and humidity have left their mark, each one different from the next, with a variety of more than 30 surfaces, thanks to full HD digital technology.
Work represents the time-worn concrete, rubbed away by the passage of feet and wheels, generally found in the old factory buildings now very much in demand for post-industrial redevelopment projects, reinvented as lofts, showrooms, art galleries and trendy entertainment venues.
The third finish, Texture, offers a metropolitan concrete, of the kind seen in playgrounds and parks, interpreted with a personal style that introduces zones of small, square holes, a patterning left by the production process.
Statale 9 completes the range with wood in minimalist, modern style, in two versions that faithfully reproduce the vein patterns and shades found in nature. They are offered in plank tiles 120 cm long, in both “treated wood” version and decorated with splashes of colour, drips and streaks that give an emphatically “recycled” look.
Two extremely different materials come together to enhance each other, furnishing interiors with the severity of concrete and the warmth of wood.
Statale 9 concrete comes in sizes 60x120, 20x120 and 60x60, while for wood the sizes are 15x120 and 20x120.

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Statale 9 Collection by Viva by Emilgroup
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