BIM: A unique object containing CAD and full tech data

2D and 3D models, EAN codes, tech specs, materials, links to use and maintenance manuals, all in a unique file!
Fully relevant from the design phase to the selection process, as it provides architects with visuals, variations,and product performance values.

Product function Visually and Technically simulated within a project

A BIM Object comes complete with all the data necessary for software to automatically carry out functional analyses, calculate energy consumption, and generate plans and sections, while estimating the final costs of the project.

Independently create realistic 3D Simulations

The high quality render engines in BIM modeling tools allow for the creation of an infinite number of 3D still images. These make it possible to create portfolios and to present clients with a photo-realistic final version of a project.

Share up-to-date objects with your team

When a number of BIM objects are placed together in a project a BIM model is formed. This central Building Information Model can be shared among architects and consultants working together. The same file can be accessed by an entire team, allowing each member to check for inconsistencies and modify it if necessary.

Compatible with all major software solutions

Vendors like Autodesk, Graphisoft, and Bentley have readily embraced BIM, as it’s the only file that can support real product models. To keep up with the large number of architects already using BIM, software houses have fully adopted the system, modifying their products to allow for the creation and management of BIM objects.

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